Municipal Mosquito

Years of Experience

Since 2006, Municipal Mosquito has helped to protect the public health for hundreds of thousands of our North Texas neighbors. We emphasize Integrated Mosquito Management practices based upon least toxic control methods. If we must employ adult mosquito treatments, we first utilize a targeted approach at the disease source areas, limiting overall application activity. 







The  Texas mosquito-borne disease profile has evolved since 2006 and Municipal Mosquito's professionals have protected citizens through endemic West Nile virus outbreaks as well as emerging disease threats.  Municipal Mosquito IMM programs are focused on surveillance and control of disease vectors for the following viruses:

  • West Nile
  • Chikungunya
  • Zika
  • Dengue

Our entomologists and field staff routinely pull on rubber boots or hip waders, climb aboard UTVs, and access many unpleasant areas where mosquitoes breed and develop in efforts to prevent running a ULV Fog truck through neighborhoods later in the season. Although it’s hard work during the hot Texas summers, our commitment to Integrated Management limits opportunities for disease to become established. View our services and see how we can provide superior protection for your citizens.


Integrated Mosquito MANAGEMENT (IMM):

  • Mosquito Surveillance
  • Mosquito Speciation
  • Real time RT-PCR Disease Testing

  • Larval Inspection and Control
  • Adult Mosquito Control
  • Insecticide Resistance Monitoring


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