Adult Mosquito Surveillance


Information collected is used to determine populations of specific mosquito species, presence of disease in mosquito samples, future population spikes, effectiveness of larvaciding efforts, and other various uses.


Adult Mosquito Control


Ground based adult mosquito control is also known as ULV Fogging and Spraying. These activities are the most publicly sensitive components of mosquito control. Our company is sensitive to public hesitance regarding Fogging or Spraying and we offer very targeted applications designed for small spaces, natural organic solutions for very specific areas, as well as large area truck mounted ULV Fogging.


Larval Mosquito Control


A crucial component in urban integrated mosquito management planning, larviciding stops mosquitoes before they take to wing. Widespread and effective larvaciding throughout municipal properties greatly reduces the number of adult mosquitoes and lessens disease amplification.

Disease Control.png

Mosquito Disease Testing

Vector Analysis

Municipal Mosquito maintains an exclusive relationship with an independent laboratory performing real time RT-PCR with 24 hour, and even same-day, results. We utilize only real time RT-PCR to maintain uniform data collection standards with local and state health departments.



From response plan development, assisting with protocol for existing programs, taking questions at town hall meetings, to providing training conferences for municipal staff, our vector entomologists and certified trainers extend opportunities to spread the facts of Integrated Mosquito Management.