Larval Mosquito Control (Larvaciding)

A crucial component in urban mosquito management planning, larvaciding stops mosquitoes before they take to wing. Widespread and effective larvaciding throughout municipal properties greatly reduces the number of adult mosquitoes. Natural creeks, concrete drainages, culverts, outfalls, equipment storage areas, truck wash-out areas, and mowing ruts are all examples of areas which must be frequently inspected and treated for larval activity.

Many areas will flush with rainfall or heavy irrigation events and require new treatments afterwards.

Source reduction -

  • Dredging channels to remove brush and soil from the drainage channel allows runoff water to flow through the area and eliminate pooling along the drainage.
  • Removing cattails from an outfall area allows the water to flow into the intended channel.
  • Filling in wash-out areas at outfalls can eliminate pools that hold for weeks after any rain event and produce several generations of mosquitoes.
  • Identifying and addressing “green” swimming pools or hot tubs through code efforts may impact an entire neighborhood.

We work closely with departments within municipalities to impact the number of breeding sites mosquitoes may have in public areas.

Municipal Mosquito focuses on frequent inspections and retreatment with the biological materials to provide more sensitive control. Biological larvacides present little chance of larval resistance to the product where some synthetic products become ineffective over time.

Quality larvaciding programs are difficult to enact since municipal workers don’t regularly maintain public problem breeding areas. Larvaciding is not always the most pleasant activity with heavy brush, briars, foul water, snakes, and stinging insects very commonly encountered in the areas most needing inspection and treatment. Our technicians are outfitted with the appropriate clothing and safety equipment to minimize these issues. All-terrain vehicles are provided to allow efficient access into areas of difficult access