From response plan development, assisting with protocol for an existing program, taking questions at town hall meetings, to providing training conferences for municipal staff, our vector entomologists extend opportunities to spread the facts of Integrated Mosquito Management.

Along with municipal efforts, education of businesses and citizens is also needed regarding breeding site reduction and larval control on their properties. In order to facilitate Integrated Mosquito Management education, we offer our entomologists’ services to all clients for commissioner or council meetings, town hall forums, citizen events, city staff or employee training, and any other venue.

Education on Source Reduction should be provided to the community about eliminating breeding sites on their own property. Printed materials included in utility mailers, information on websites, community response phone numbers or email to report problem areas, literature made available at libraries, courts, and city hall are all examples of successful methods to educate the public. Problem breeding sites usually found on private properties are kiddie pools, buckets, wheel-barrows, flower pot saucers, landscape drains, boats or canoes stored outside, water features, and non-maintained gutters.