Adult Mosquito Control or Adulticiding

Ground based adult mosquito control is also known as ULV Fogging and Spraying. These activities are the most publicly sensitive components of mosquito control. Our company is sensitive to public hesitance regarding Fogging or Spraying and we offer very targeted applications designed for small spaces, natural organic solutions for very specific areas, as well as large area truck mounted ULV Fogging.

Adult control measures provide the only way to take diseased mosquitoes out of the air. Whether the applications are made by UTV, backpack, truck, or plane, the goal is to impact as many adult mosquitoes as possible in a small window of time and space.

Truck Mounted ULV Fogging is the most commonly contracted method of treatment for most entities. This method is the standard response in a disease management situation. Our company offers a fleet of trucks stocked with new GPS equipped Phoenix Foggers.

In addition to truck mounted ULV Fogging, all-terrain machines are especially useful in adult mosquito control. Municipal Mosquito has utilized UTVs for many years in all aspects of our mosquito programs. UTV mounted mist or ULV applications along greenbelts, parks, undeveloped areas, and ditchlines are extremely effective methods of combating diseased mosquitoes before they are carried into neighborhoods by wind. In most instances, fogging mission maps include at least one area that a truck mounted ULV platform is unable to treat adequately. UTV based fogging options ensure full coverage of almost all fogging missions.

Backpack mist and ULV machines are also commonly used in our client cities for adult mosquito applications. Backpacks may be carried into an area with UTVs, then walked into extremely difficult areas or applications are simply made on foot in sensitive or especially dense areas. Backpacks offer versatility for programs that may be incomplete with only truck mounted options.

Handheld thermal foggers or backpack ULV units are also employed into storm drains and culverts that are known roosting or harborage sights. During the heat of the summer, many thousands of mosquitoes can be quickly eliminated with treatments via manhole covers or drain-pipes.

Gator UTVs (Utility Transport Vehicles) Municipal Mosquito utilizes two Gator UTVs to carry personnel and material far afield in treating difficult areas, carrying enough larvacide material to ensure the larval source is appropriately treated. Our UTVs also “take the fight” to the mosquitoes in greenbelt, park, and undeveloped areas before mosquitoes are able to spread disease into neighborhoods.